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I am an introvert that loves a microphone. With 20 years of public speaking experience, I'm ready to learn what you're interested in hearing about, so that we can have a lively hour of connection and education. 

Available to speak in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

What I talk about

All sermons can be an introduction for beginners or high-level for advanced audiences. Consider most topics as a "how to" talk, or "how to not," as it may be.



*ACIM: A Course In Miracles

*Calming confusion and inner chaos


*Core wounds, identify and heal

*Energy as medicine

*Entheogens (aka: visionary plant medicine, psychedelics)




*Guided meditations

*Hermetic Wisdom

*Inner child wounds and healing work

*Inner peace



*Overthinking and control

*Parts Work

*Perfectionists and people-pleasers

*Releasing techniques

*Sacred geometry

*Surrender and allow


*Victim mindset

*What is God


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. 


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