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About IndiAngela Jones


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Hello my love. 

You've come here to learn more about me and to make sure you feel a calling between our souls. There is no perfect teacher, healer or guide, but your heart knows who it must hear from next. If I speak your language, if you feel you have a chance to be heard and held right where you are with me, then I encourage you to reach out and let me know how I can honor your journey. 

I am a certified energetic healer and light worker as well as a certified shadow guide. When working with seeking souls I am committed to be a pure channel of light and the love of Spirit. 

Beyond certifications, my greatest medicine has been the teachers in my life; adoption, abandonment, abuse, addiction, chronic illness, two marriages and divorces, my son. I know deeply the pain of powerful helplessness. Overthinking, people-pleasing and a wrecked central nervous system have been my prison bars. Confusion and a chaotic mind have been the slop I've fed myself. Rather than listing what I have achieved, I want you know what I have worked through. I want you to know that I am you. We are one.

I like the name IndiAngela Jones because I consider myself an archeologist of the inner world. I am a collector of knowledge and dig for new ways to perceive and experience. However, I noticed that I often used what I was learning to further confused or entrap myself in judgement and guilt. This is where we connect the dots. What I offer is the combination that helped pull all the wisdom out of my head and into my heart. This is what helped me live what I was learning. True transformation began to rapidly unfold once these connections were made in places within myself that thinking and understanding could not reach. 


My light and my shadow are honored here, as are yours. In fact, only by walking with my shadow did I find the light that told me it was time to help others. My promise to you is to listen, to be incorruptibly connected to God, and to hold your pain with humility and gratitude. 

An excavation of your inner world. What treasure will you find?

Experience True Transformation

Let's connect the dots to rapidly unfold your healing journey and get the results that you want.

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