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Wallpaper, y’all!

Decorate your smartphone or desktop & remember to do you, always.

Original photo and composition.


Wallpaper y’all!

Decorate your smartphone or desktop & remember to be brave.

Original photo and composition.

Inner critic worksheet

name the voice inside your head (A worksheet)

Giving the negative chatter monkey in your brain a face, name and character arch is SO helpful. If you read the post, Why the negative voice inside your head needs a face, then you're ready for the worksheet! If you haven’t, then download, print, and go read the “assignment.”

Are you crazy flowchart

Are you crazy? (A Flowchart)

What is more definitive than the craziest looking flowchart you’ve ever seen? Please enjoy this highly scientific diagram that allows you to, once and for all, determine if you are crazy! (Hint: you’re probs not.) If someone or something has you feeling like your bat-shit, download this guide for all the answers! And check out the post, people!

how to make a decision worksheet

How to make a big decision in 6 steps.

When the magic eight ball doesn’t work, learn how to use your heart, your gut AND your brain to make the best decision for you. If you’ve read the post, How to make a big decision in 6 steps, then get in here! If not, ya better download and then go get your instructions. Mmmmmm, trusting yourself feels good.


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