You are not wrong.

You are not wrong.

The way you do things is the right way.

You have a special and unique way. That sounds trite, but it’s true. 

Your words are your words and we need them. I need them. 

Your path is yours. It’s not your mom’s. It’s not your friend’s. It’s not your mentor’s. Your path is yours and it. is. right. 

Even if (or when) it’s wrong. It’s still right. For you. 

(Until YOU decide it isn’t working for YOU and you pick a new way.)

When I was four years old I cut up a bunch of paper on the floor, because… art. High art. My parents told me to pick it up and come to dinner. I gathered it into a pile and then put the pile of paper scraps on the couch, because… kids make no sense and toddler logic is mysterious. I clearly remember my plan was to move this expert pile from the couch to the trash. My dad chastised and berated me about my illogical choice. I felt dumb and embarrassed. I remember it. I still feel it. 

There has been so much “proof” since then that my way is the wrong way. Surely I must think illogically? If I have an idea, it’s probably a dumb one, right? I make unnecessary turns and take avoidable steps. Don’t I?


No. No, I don’t. My way is fine. My way is just that, my way. Ima do it my way. 

I’m going to put this pile of paper triangles on the couch and then coffee table and then who knows where! 

I’m going to get married twice and divorced twice. I’m going to single mom it. I’m going to live in South America for a while. I’m going to create a money–making business and then basically destroy it. I’m going to figure my shit out and then un-figure it out every other year. I’m going to move in with my boyfriend, wait… no I’m not. Now this boyfriend… no, not him either!

Is that okay?

Yep! Because it is my journey, my story, my wrongs are also my rights.  

You too, love. You too. 

You are not wrong. You are so so right. 

You do you. Always. YDY baby! 

I love you.


P.S. Can you remember a time that made you feel “wrong?” Can you tell me about it? Tell me everything in the comments. Or write me.