Recalibrate for a better life.

Recalibrate for a better life.

Hunnies. We’ll never figure it all out. 

There are times when it all comes together and we see the world in green code Neo/Matrix style. Sometimes our morning prayer or meditation carries us through the whole day and we breathe deeply and consciously, entering into every interaction with empathy and love. 

El oh el! K. If you can do that for a whole day then please write to me and TELL ME HOW!

What I mean is, there are times when we are spiritually connected in a meaningful way and there are times when we’re really not. There are moments of perspective and clarity and the more profound point of everything reaches into our soul and there are more moments when… NOPE!

I’m currently reading Siddhartha. I was dubious about it at first but, enough of the people I respect and enjoy have read it, therefore, I’m trudging through. It’s skinny as hell, so it’s not a painful commitment. 

Sidhartha goes on a spiritual pilgrimage, renounces all comforts and earthly pleasures and wanders around thinking and meditating and begging. (The high-achieving productive monster in me gets an eye twinge from this, but okay whatever.)

Let’s do a brief passage.

“His liberated eyes tarried on the near side; he saw and appreciated the visible, he sought a home in this world, he did not seek essence or aim for any ‘beyond.’ The world was beautiful when he looked at it this way, without a quest for the transcendent. The moon and stars were beautiful, the brook and its banks were beautiful, forest and crag, goat and rose beetle, flower and butterfly. It was beautiful and lovely to wander the world this way, so like a child, so wide awake, so open to your surroundings, so free from mistrust. … All this had always existed but he had not seen it, he had not been present. Now he was present, he belonged to it all.” 

Yas Sid! Preach! 

I SO do this. I can get a little caught up in trying to be spiritual and deep and empathic and I can miss the beauty of a teeny tiny moth.

And then my son points it out and yeah, it is very cute. And actually very cool. And woah, my shoulders are up around my ears because I was just having an argument in my head with someone who needs to be more enlightened, like me! (Insert pure laughter here.)

Breathe sister. Look at the moth. 

It’s adorably tinyIt’s hot out here

Feel that prickly warmth on your skin, the moisture forming on your back and armpits. Your body works. Breathe. 

That, my dearest dears, is more spiritual than sitting in church for an hour and a half. That is deeper than understanding life. That is the matrix. 

There is so much talk about being present. We can’t always be. 

But when you find you’re not. Whisper or shout or inwardly mutter, “recalibrate!”

Adjust your focus and your expectations. 

Adjust your focus….

Look at what is right in front of you. Touch it, run your hands all over it. Smell it. Bless it by noticing it. The sky. Your sister. A stapler. Be where you are, let your shoulders melt down your back, away from your ears. Breathe deep and slow. 

Adjust your expectations… 

Stop expecting the best out of everything. Take what you have right now, whatever it is and say, “Thank you for this.” 

You will not ever be the best. They will never be perfect. This child, project, work place will never make you totally happy.

We simply cannot ALWAYS be present. There is another expectation to let go of – being present. 

Let it go. Don’t worry about it. 

Just… when you think of it – when you’re stressed, disappointed, tense, breathing shallowly. Stop and recalibrate. 

My sweet little rose beetle, your life will be better. I promise.   

I love you.


P.S. What was the last thing you stopped and noticed? Like, really. Tell me how it felt. I’d seriously LOVE to know! Comments plz! Also, you can secretly write to me.