How to get your shit together.

How to get your shit together.

I do not have my shit together. Well, I sorta do. Today. Check back tomorrow. 

The truth is, you can never have all your shit together. Everyday. Every damn day. 

We have days that come together and we have days that don’t. We have entire seven year spans that just… don’t. What we have is – seasons. 

Would you look up at a bare tree in the middle of the cold winter and call to its empty branches? “Wow tree. You have no leaves! You need to do better. You don’t have your shit together.” Probs not. That would be ridiculous.  

There are seasons when our bank account is functioning well but our work life is leaving us starved for purpose. Maybe you feel really connected to your close friends but cannot seem to make a lasting romantic connection. Your reading list is getting tackled but you’ve lost track of current events. You are focused and inspired by an all-consuming project but your roots have grown out, you haven’t had a vitamin in weeks and you’ve resorted to wearing underwear inside out for a second use because laundry isn’t happening. 

Look babe, that’s OKAY! It happens. There are seasons in everything. Just be in the one you are in. Try hard. But also relax. Be intentional about trying hard AND about relaxing. 

To have ones shit together means one has figured it all out. But if you had it all figured out, what would you still be doing here? 

And here is where you are. Stay here with me. It’s good here. Even when it’s not. 

Do what you can with what you have. Do all you can. I believe in taking action. I believe in making yourself proud. But if it’s winter, don’t look for green grass. Look forward to it, plan for it - and in the meantime, enjoy the snow. 

That is true adventure. 

I love you.


P.S. How about you? Are you feeling like you got this right now? Or… not so much? I want to know! Tell me what season you are in right now in the comments. Option two, write to me privately.