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The Adventure Begins

Welcome home. I've missed you. Let's heal together.

This is where your story gets good. 

Hey you, hey. My name is Angela Anne Jones. I like to call myself IndiAngela Jones because I am an archeologist of the inner world. I am a healer, guide, alchemist and specializer in the impossible.


More on that later. First, let's make sure you're in the right place.


You are intentional. You know there is something greater beyond what we can see with your physical eyes. You pray, practice yoga and want to live from your heart. Or maybe you don't do any of those things but you know something is missing and you're ready to find it and feel it. Hi. You've come to the right place.  

Whatever you're doing isn't totally serving and you feel an emotional disconnect. Your being is calling for alignment. If you feel overwhelmed, if your soul is tired, if you feel confusion more than clarity — there's a block. Don't judge or blame yourself. You are in the perfect place. Spirit has called you here and I will help you clear the blocks so you can experience the joy of the journey. Ease, peace, clarity, happiness and fun are your birthright. I was born to walk with you and help you clear the crud out of your way so you can shine and feel great. 

Certified Light Worker and Certified Shadow Walker.

Priestess of Pleasure. Writer and Wronger. Dreamer and Doer.

Purveyor of Remembering Who You Are. Peddler of Prayers.

Forgiver. Permission Giver. Mother. Lover. Child. Medicine.

Prolific Tear Creator. Fun-Focused. Lover of Life. Poet.

Artist. Witch. Preacher. Teacher. Listener. Wife to Truth & Beauty.

IndiAngela Jones

Your sister in love, 

Are You Stuck?

Or sad, beginning something new, heartbroken, need direction, suffering from an ailment...

You are Spirit, made of energy, that has chosen to experience the human realm. Part of this pact is forgetting your wholeness.

As you awaken to your true self, you realize there is no growth without assistance. So now, you must find a guide who speaks your language and allows you to feel safe while you unfold into who you came here to be.

I use a combination of energy medicine, sacred geometry, earth medicine, shamanic ritual, sound, breath and hypnosis to peel back what isn't serving you, heal it and let it go. Then, we will call in and activate what you do want. Let the fun begin!  

“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way." —Albert Einstein

Medicine Circles

Ancestral Earth Medicine Ceremony & Retreats 

Inquire within for dates, deets and next steps.


Fair Exchange

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And, as if that wasn't enough, you'll score a primo download of the best worst titled eBook ever written! Because look, nobody can change their life in a weekend in this condition. If you're exhausted from all the trying & confusion, then start here, my love. The pros said this was a bad idea & HATED the title! El Oh El.

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