Things you want to quit
Things to quit doing
Things you really want
Things you really want
definition of self-excavation

 HUrts so good in that yummy kind of way... lets you know you're getting somewhere... reminds you you're awake. 


You ARE enough. You deserve a wider and wilder life.

You're gonna have to be brave and get bloody. There are no short cuts, no "hacks."

But somewhere during the ride, a little ray of sun is going to crack through the cloud cover and you'll realize you like what you're feeling. Raw, tender, supported, loss - all of it.

It's time to get so real. It's time to love YOU for real. 

Snap that whip, babe! We're hitting the road! You in?

This is your adventure. Don't look away.

You are ready. 


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Curated bites of sustenance for your spirit. If I heard it, read it, or found it, and it whispered to my heart - I'm going to share it with you. 

I can't promise overnight results or eternal youth, but I can promise - nay, pledge - that you'll never be without a kindred spirit in your corner. Get in here, friend!